July Updates from The Scott Frederick Team

    Keep Your Cool All Summer Long Summer’s heat is less welcome inside than out.Cranking up the air conditioning is how many people think to cool off, but there are many steps homeowners can take to help keep cool without the high energy consumption associated with air conditioning. Click on the link to get… Read more »

Oldies but Goodies: Living with an Older Home

  The charms of living in an older home can be many – history, style, craftsmanship, quirks. But there’s no denying that living in such a home has its challenges. Maintenance can be tricky and expensive, especially if certain systems and features have been neglected over the years. Let’s take a look at some common… Read more »

June Updates from The Scott Frederick Team

From the Desk of Scott Frederick… Being involved in the community we serve is one of the best ways to give back. Our first responders are one group that is close to my heart. As a former Firefighter/Paramedic with the City of St. Louis, I know how tough the “job” can be. We select a… Read more »

Top Tips for a Summer-Ready Home

  With summer just around the corner, now is a great time to get your home in top shape for the months ahead. Whatever your weather, caring for your home now will help to ensure a worry-free, comfortable summer. Follow a few of these tips each week and enjoy the rest of the season knowing… Read more »